Social media has gone from something fun to do in spare time to an absolute must-have for marketing. Social media attracts customers and keeps them engaged and informed. If you plan to start a business or currently running one, it’s imperative to keep up with your social media presence. Let’s take a look at different ways of using social media to promote your business.

First, choose the right platforms to use. There are many different channels available, and it seems that more are popping up each day. Choosing the right platforms for your business is crucial; for example, an accounting company probably does not need to make a Snapchat, but running an efficient Facebook page is likely more beneficial. Next, create a calendar for your posts. Rushing to put posts out at the last minute can lead to content that is less than stellar. Creating social media content calendars helps to keep you organized and less flustered; you can schedule out posts with all the hashtags, links, and everything you want to be involved in for the next days to months. Also, try to encourage engagement with your followers. When posting content, try to ask questions so that customers want to interact with the post and give their feedback. 

One thing to pay attention to is over promotion. Social media is a helpful tool for advertising, but do not treat it like traditional advertising. You do not want to promote your business in the posts every day; it’s essential to create content that people want to see to stay involved. Some marketers follow the one-in-seven rule, which states that six others should be content-based for every one promotional post, which keeps you from overselling yourself. Also, share videos as content! Videos are great for grabbing attention and creatively, visually sharing your passion.

Additionally, always address issues promptly. By staying attentive to your comments and mentions, you can catch problems before they get bigger. Being timely also builds good rapport among customers when you publicly address issues directly and offer valuable solutions.

When establishing your social media presence, it’s essential to build a community. Focusing solely on gaining many followers will make you lose insight into having a loyal community to engage with your brand. Cater some posts to getting to know your followers, and they will gladly engage. Lastly, providing value is the most important thing you can do as a business to your followers. Creating content that is useful and informs your audience will ensure engagement and attract more followers and potential customers.