Marketing terms are confusing if you’re not given a proper introduction into them.

Your biggest challenge is in deciphering the difference between concepts that seem to mean the same things. Subtle details mean everything regarding how you speak to your consumer and the reasons why. Since details are so important, marketers have broken down their art form into intricate subjects and theories. Being detailed about how they work enables them to set a high-competitive bar.

Reaching a competitive standard in your marketing should start with building your education from the basics. Here’s a clear look at one foundation to start with: the difference between marketing and branding your online business.


Branding and What it Accomplishes

Your brand is the subject matter used when you’re marketing, but creating a brand is called branding. Though mission, vision and value statements build the identity of a brand, branding also includes the repetitive use of a brand message. Getting any message to stick into someone’s mind can be scientifically done through repetition. Repetition is branding because it leaves a mental imprint. Even more, branding creates a business identity that can be used in public.


Marketing and How It’s Used

Marketing is confused with branding because the means and the goals of your promotions can get mixed up. Marketing, as it relates to more leads and sales, is the how—the means. To get your brand out, you have to market it. This means that marketing also deals with the channels you use. Marketing encompasses the tools, procedures and strategies used to get your brand into the world. Building campaigns, scheduling public appearances and shows all deal with marketing.

Perfecting Your Public Pitch Before Going Live

The next time you work to generate leads and sales, ask about how well your brand is being communicated. Getting your message everywhere is the act of marketing it. However, through branding, you must harness the message you spread. Additionally, branding is the art of establishing an implied image regarding “who” your business is.

Brands are most effective when saying their message in just a few seconds.

Only once you know you’ve conveyed your mission and value can you then market your brand.